Welcome to The Department

Welcome to the webpage of the Department of Medicine at the College of Medicine, Ekiti State University, where we have a rich history of excellence in training and research. Established as one of the foundational Clinical Departments in 2011 within the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, our Department has been at the forefront of nurturing future healthcare leaders and high-quality research.


Our mission is clear: to educate and empower medical students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, both locally and on the global stage. We take pride in our heritage, with the late Emeritus Professor Araoye, Mathew Akinyemi, serving as the pioneering figure in our Department. His legacy lives on, as he nurtured many of our esteemed faculty members, some of whom have risen to the ranks of Professors and Readers within the College of Medicine.


Our academic team boasts of a diverse group of educators and practitioners dedicated to the advancement of medical knowledge. Among us, you will find Professor Ajayi Akande Oladimeji, the present, Provost, College of Medicine and a distinguished expert in Medicine/Gastroenterology, and Professor Ajayi Ebenezer Adekunle, an astute administrator and an accomplished Cardiologist. Alongside them, we have a cadre of Readers, Senior Lecturers, and Lecturers, each specializing in various medical disciplines such as endocrinology, nephrology, pulmonology, cardiology and neurology.


Furthermore, the Department of Medicine is actively engage in the training of medical students, providing them with a holistic education that emphasizes practical skills and ethical principles. Our commitment extends beyond the lecture halls; we are also deeply involved in patients’ care, ensuring that our students not only understand the science of medicine but also the art of compassionate healthcare.


Research is the lifeblood of our Department. We continually strive to push the boundaries of medical knowledge through rigorous scientific investigation. Our faculty members are actively involved in groundbreaking research projects that address pressing healthcare challenges and contribute to the betterment of society.


As we look to the future, the Department of Medicine remains dedicated to its core mission: nurturing the next generation of medical professionals, advancing medical research, and making a positive impact on the healthcare sector