Welcome to Medical Biochemistry

Welcome to the Department of Medical Biochemistry, one of the pioneer Departments since the inception of the College of Medicine, Ekiti State University. There are sufficient qualified academic and non – academic staffs in the department, ready and willing to impact adequate knowledge.

Medical Biochemistry is the subspecialty of medical science that deals with biochemical analysis of body fluids and thereby helps in the screening, diagnosis, monitoring and management of most, if not all, human diseases. As an academic discipline, Medical Biochemistry helps medical students and professionals in understanding the key biochemical processes of human body such as metabolism and nutrition, cellular transport and signaling, enzyme activity, water, electrolyte and acid-base balance, blood coagulation, neuronal function, cellular homeostasis, cancer and gene expression. In addition to core biochemical investigations and emergency tests, the extensive repertoire of investigations that Medical Biochemistry provides for the diagnosis of diseases includes specialized investigations for the measurement of hormones, cancer markers, vitamins, trace elements, drugs and specific proteins

Medical Biochemistry is dedicated to exploiting biochemical concept in other to elucidate the molecular basis of medicine. It is aimed at fortifying students with a high-quality education and learning experience that will better position them in the advancement of science and molecular medicine.