Brief History of The Department

The Department of Medical Biochemistry is one of the core departments of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences. It was created alongside the Departments of Anatomy and Physiology at the inception of the of Medicine, Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti in 2011.

The Departmental Head was pioneered by Prof A. Afolayan (2011 -1012).

Dr.  O. A. Awoyinka              (2012 – 2016),

Dr. O. A. Oseni                       (2016 – 2019),

Dr. (Mrs) F. C. Oladele          (2019 – 2021)

Dr. T Ogunmoyole                  (2021-2023)

The Objectives and Mission Statement

The Department is an integral part of the College of Medicine in the pursuit of academic programmes designed for its overall objectives by the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences and was created to expose and train students with sound academic knowledge, scientific skills and expertise in the various fields of Medical Biochemistry


Philosophy of the Department

It is the philosophy of the Department to teach Biochemistry with the aim of providing potential medical doctors with a robust knowledge of functional, structural and molecular aspects of Medical Biochemistry as it applies to clinical practice.

It is mandatory for medical students to undergo studies and practical training in the Department during the duration of their academic activities in the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences.

General Administration of the Department

The Head of Department is in charge of directing and coordinating all academic and administrative activities of the Department. She is responsible to the Dean of the Faculty.

The Department disseminates information and directives emanating from the University Senate, College Board and Faculty Board meetings at Departmental meetings chaired by the Head of Department.  Departmental meetings are held regularly to appraise our activities and collective decisions are taken in the best interest of the department. At such meetings, decisions are taken and responsibilities are assigned to members of staff to ensure the attainment of departmental goals and objectives.

Students’ Welfare

The Department of Medical Biochemistry considers the welfare of students an important matter that cannot be overemphasized. In addition to the University Counseling Unit, the Department ensures that students have access to the right counsel from the Head of Department and other staff in the department depending on the nature of the challenge each student presents. In order to cater for the academic challenges of students, every set of students is also allocated a staff adviser. The Staff advisers are required to counsel the students on all aspect of their academic work including courses to be registered and attendance at departmental academic activities. Students with    complex cases bothering on emotional and physical problems are referred to the Student Affairs Unit of the University for appropriate counselling while those who have health problems are handled by the University Health Centre. Indigent but brilliant students are also recommended to the appropriate University Committees for consideration for University scholarships.