Brief History of The Department

 The Department of Haematology and Blood Transfusion of the Ekiti State University was created in the year 2012. The first set of lecturers includes, Prof GJF Esan, Dr A.O Ayansnwo (Lecturer 1, Full time). The department gained more strength with subsequent employment of Dr A.A Ibijola( Adjunct Lecturer), Dr. A Olu-taiwo (lecturer 1, Full time) and Dr. Ajibade( Lecturer 1, Full time). Since 2019, the department had grown with additional employment of Dr A.O Daramola (Lecturer 1, full time), Dr. E. K Enifeni (Lecturer 1,full time), Prof. H.O Olawumi (Adjunct Lecturer), Mrs O.I Ipinimo (Technologist II), Miss T.O Oluyede ( medical laboratory technician), and Mr.A.A Adetiba ( Senior data processing officer II).




To produce graduates adequately equipped to handle contemporary socio-economic and environmental challenges through cutting edge research driven by information and communication technology.



To provide a high quality educational experience shaped by outstanding teaching research that benefit cultures, societies and economies.



The department of Haematology and blood transfusion deals with explaining haematological basis of disease and analysis of blood and blood components to diagnose various disease conditions. Also, training of medical students along this line in order to produce well equipped medical doctors.



  1. To train students the haematological basis of disease at both undergraduate (MB;BS) and postgraduate levels
  2. To train students to be able to analyze blood and blood components to make diagnosis.
  3. To train students in interpreting the haematological laboratory results.
  4. To conduct research in the aetiology, pathogenesis, management and prevention of disease.
  5. To establish central research laboratory that can help researchers in the state, its environs and entire country in the analysis of blood and blood components.