Brief History of The Department

The Department of Dentistry came into being at the inception of the College of Medicine, Ekiti-State University Ado-Ekiti. Following this development two Academic staff were employed by the University as follows:

1.Dr. Obimakinde, O.S. (Senior Lecturer)

2.Dr. Adeleke, A.A. (Lecturer 1)

Dr. Obimakinde O.S. served as the Pioneer Acting Head of the Department.

Currently, Dr. Obimakinde O.S. is the only Academic Staff in the Department since Dr. Adeleke’s resignation in February, 2018.


The subspecialties in Dentistry include the following;

  1. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  2. Restorative Dentistry
  3. Child Oral Health
  4. Orthodontics
  5. Oral Medicine
  6. Oral Pathology
  7. Periodontology and Community Dentistry

Dentistry is a key component of Clinical Sciences in Colleges of Medicine globally. Suffices to say that Dentistry has Faculty status in Universities that run the Bachelor of Dental Surgery programme [BDS] alongside the MBBS programme. 

Mission statement

To offer high quality, evidenced based teaching and training clinical students in patients clerkship, clinical examination, routine investigation and diagnosis of oral/dental diseases, thereby producing medical graduates who can match up with international standards.


The running and management of the Department depend on the following organs and administrative structure:

The Head of Department and Chairman of Departmental Board.

The Departmental Board consists of the Head of Department as Chairman, one representative from each of the other Departments in the Faculty of Clinical Sciences and all Lecturers of the Department.

The Department also sets up various committees to assist the Head of Department; such as the Academic Staff Review, Non-Teaching Staff Review, Examination Matters, Research Fund Management, Journal and Handbook Publication, Departmental Week and Seminars and other statutory and special matters.

Operationalization of Dentistry Department

The academic programme and institutional activities of the Department are facilitated through Lectures, tutorials, clinical demonstrations, bedside teachings, ward rounds and weekly academic seminars. Apart from midwifing the Dentistry programme which is yet to commence in Ekiti State University, the Department has been fully involved in offering clinical training to the students undergoing the MBBS programme [Special posting] and this is in line with the Core Curriculum Minimum Academic Standard [CCMAS] of the Nigerian Universities Commission regarding the training of Medical Doctors and Dental Surgeons in Nigeria. To this end, the Department has been offering the following services to the University;

  • Teaching the Clinical Students on the knowledge of common Dental diseases that can be encountered in the course of Clinical practice.
  • Teaching Clinical Students on resuscitation of patients with Dental emergencies
  • Teaching Clinical Students on the art of referral writing for Dental conditions
  • Regular academic seminars for academic staff, Resident Doctors and Clinical Students on weekly basis.

There is no doubt that the scope of dental education has changed over the years due to various scientific and technological progress that have led to improved ways of  recognition and management of various oro-dental diseases. Thus, students rotating through Dentistry Department are expected to develop adequate clinical exposure and skills in handling Dental patients that may present in the course of clinical practice.

In order to ensure that clinical students are properly and adequately trained, the department developed a log book for monitoring and assessing the performance of students on clinical rotation in Dentistry.