Brief History of The Department

The Department was established by the University in 2012 but there was no physical facility nor a building which could be referred as the Department of Anatomic Pathology in the University. The University employed and appointed Dr. Omonisi Abidemi in 2013 as the Coordinator of the Department, and with the support of the then Dean of the Faculty of Basic Clinical Sciences; Emeritus Professor Williams Olufemi Odesanmi and the Provost of the College of Medicine; Emeritus Prof. Matthew Akinyemi Araoye, he secured a Departmental building in the University and fully equipped the Department as a young lecturer in 2013. Dr. Omonisi Abidemi also established the Anatomic Museum, Autopsy Suite and Histology laboratory for the Department. He led the Department to the first and second accreditations by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) and National Universities Commission (NUC) and both were successful.  Other Coordinators and Acting Heads of Department that served after him built on the solid foundation laid by him.

At inception, there were four (4) academic staff, one (1) technologist, one (1) technician and one(1) Administrative staff.

From the take off point, the Department progressed under successive leadership of Dr.  B.M Duduyemi (2012- 2013), Emeritus Prof. William Olufemi Odesanmi (2013), Dr. A.E Omonisi (2013- 2016), Dr. J.A Omotayo (2016- 2018), Dr. A.E Omonisi (2018-2020), Dr. J.A Omotayo (2020-2022), and the current Ag. Head of Department, Dr. A.E Omonisi (1st August, 2022 till Date).

The Objectives and Mission Statement

Objectives of the Department

The undergraduate programme in Anatomic Pathology is designed to:

  1. provide a comprehensive knowledge of Anatomic Pathology and Forensic Pathology as a basis of Medicine.
  2. To sensitize students and scholars on the relevance of Anatomic Pathology and Forensic Pathology in the Health sector and other spheres of life.
  3. Provide appropriate courses and contribute to the educational pursuits of MBBS students and other students from the Departments of Nursing, Anatomy and other Departments in the College of Medicine.
  4. To enable students, appreciate the medico-legal aspect of Medicine.
  5. To carry out laboratory -based research activities

Mission statement of the Department:

To offer high quality undergraduate and postgraduate programme in Anatomic Pathology and Forensic Medicine, carry out research and offering high quality laboratory services as a component of the diagnostic arm of Medicine.

General services and academic programmes

The academic programmes and institutional activities of the Department are facilitated through  didactic lectures, tutorials, seminars, laboratories and autopsy, for the award of MBBS, and other Bachelor and Postgraduate degrees in Anatomic Pathology.

 The operation and management of the Department depend on the following organs and administrative structure:

  1. The Head of Department and Chairman of Departmental Board.
  2. The Departmental Board consists of the Head of Department as Chairman, one representative from each of the other Departments in the Faculty and all Lecturers of the Department.
  3. The Department also sets up various committees to assist the Head of Department; such as the Academic Staff Review, Non-Teaching Staff Review, Research , Examination Matters, Laboratory Services, and other statutory .